Whitnall Park

The day after my friend Miguel’s birthday, we went to visit Whitnall park in search of a water fall I saw on my friends snapchat story. She told me the location was at Whitnall park, so Miguel and I proceeded to google it and head there. When we arrived we started walking around by the lake to try and find this water fall. We found one, but unfortunately it wasn’t the one we were looking for.  We walked around the hole lake looking for it, then decided to re-contact the girl to see if she could help us out. We talked for a wile on the phone, then headed to different parts of the park but still no luck. Eventually we decided to ask about places around the park to make sure we were in the right place. In the end, we realized the park she was talking about was in Hales Corner not Whitnall.  So this trip we didn’t find the fabled water fall but hopefully on our next trip we can! But one things for sure! we had fun and took some great pictures.

I would definitely recommend this park if you like walks on trails by a lake and you don’t want to walk for hours just to get around the hole thing. It took us about 30-40 minutes to make it around the hole thing and take pictures too. Given we were searching for the water fall too so it wouldn’t take that long to walk around the hole lake. The terrain is well maintained and even tho it rained the day before the ground wasn’t that muddy. there aren’t much steep inclines or declines and no dangerous parts other then a few docks leading into the lake (Docks are safe just still have a risk of falling in if you stand close to the edge). The trails are clean and there is also a recreational center with more information about the park, and tour guides. Sadly we didn’t visit that section because of our mission to find the water fall but we’d still recommend checking it out. Its a very beautiful place and its ideal for short walks with great scenery.

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