Two Rainbows in One day

20170530_183246-ANIMATIONIn a simple day of my life, many anything can happen. My day started off with waking up, praying then going back to bed for a few more hours. Once I woke up again I called up my friend Miguel to hang out and he told me he was going to his sisters soccer game. Since I having no plans at all that day, decided to go with him. When we got to the game we stayed there a bit and during half time it started rain and we got lucky enough to see a double rainbow. through out the day it rained and stopped and the sight of a rainbow was quite common. We considered it a blessed day even tho my friends sister lost the soccer game. But anyway I was able to take a stroll down memory lane when I got to play soccer with the kids that where there too. I haven’t played since high school but agents 7-10 year old’s I was like a Pro. It was fun kicking the ball around but one thing I did notice, some kids had a talent for soccer, and others didn’t know the difference between soccer and football. 20170530_180327After the soccer game Miguel and I decided to go get food, but we haven’t eaten all day and it was already around evening so we wanted to max (eat as much food as possible). The first place we thought about was old country buffet. They have good food but not good quality but who cares, its unlimited food!!! And trust me when you haven’t eaten all day, a buffet is the best way to go! So overall the day was fun and unplanned but turned out to be a memorable one. Its kinda one of those, you should have been there kinda days, but sounds boring on paper. So in conclusion, hopefully my friends sister can win her next soccer game, and I hope you guys can enjoy a double rainbow soon and have a great story to tell about the day!

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