Two Rainbows in One day

In a simple day of my life, many anything can happen. My day started off with waking up, praying then going back to bed for a few more hours. Once I woke up again I called up my friend Miguel to hang out and he told me he was going to his sisters soccer game. […]

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Whitnall Park

The day after my friend Miguel’s birthday, we went to visit Whitnall park in search of a water fall I saw on my friends snapchat story. She told me the location was at Whitnall park, so Miguel and I proceeded to google it and head there. When we arrived we started walking around by the […]

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What A run!

So I recently decided to start being healthy again and start going on runs, so when I hit up my friend Miguel to chill, we made plans to go on a run. He lived close to down town Milwaukee so I headed over to his house for a change of scenery. We took a trail […]

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A  chill day at Bradford Beach on the Milwaukee lakefront. Nothing tops that. I remember it was starting to get cold and chilly that day because summer was starting to end so me and my brothers went out for a drive and spent the whole day exploring all around. I looked up and there were planes in […]

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This Is the city where i’m from.

I have lived in this city for 10 years and have discovered many things. its a cool city to live in but violence is comment here. But Just like a lot of city’s violence is common in some parts. But most of the city is beautiful and is an amazing place to explore

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