What A run!

So I recently decided to start being healthy again and start going on runs, so when I hit up my friend Miguel to chill, we made plans to go on a run. He lived close to down town Milwaukee so I headed over to his house for a change of scenery. We took a trail behind his house and on our way we stopped to take a few pictures and admire the sunset.

After our run we went down to Target by friends house and picked up some food to grill. One thing I love doing is cooking!! Cooking meat more specifically. Hand me a steak and a grill and you got yourself an amazing meal!

Helpful Tip

Being healthy is a good way to stay happy, reduce stress and live longer. Even going on a run 2-3 times a week can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep you energized through out the week. Ever since I started running and cooking my own food, I’ve felt a lot more relaxed and running helped reduce my stress levels. After running I always looked forward to making a delicious healthy meal and at the end of the day I felt good about what I accomplished. So taking like 30 min- 1 hour out of your day to go for a run and cook some food isn’t asking a lot. So why don’t you try it and Let us know what you think. Leave comments on how we can improve and any other suggestions on living a healthy lifestyle the simple way. and share this to help others improve there lifestyle.


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